Children of the Corn

Funny, that’s what my mom used to call us, or what I used to call my little brothers.

I miss old horror flicks.

Now we have Paranormal State and The Ring.


However, scary movies ain’t got nothin’ on this blog.

This is actually about some cute kids who use the force or one form or another.

The first, a Star Wars classic gone cute and kiddie for a VW commerical that I hope you’ve all seen.

Okay, now this one I just found a couple of days ago, but I’m usually pretty lazy, as I’m sure you’re aware of when it comes to adding new videos. No matter how rockin’ awesome they might be. I’m a mother of two with little to no sleep.

Anywho, this one goes out to all the comic book geeks out there who now have kids they want to join the nerd herd some day.


Would’ve been cool if they put some sort of Boondock Saints twist on it, and he blew up the dog.

I’m just sayin’…

So, what I’m gonna ask, because like I could leave y’all without asking something…

What would you/have you pass on to your kids from your childhood?

My kids, but especially my son are very into VHS. They don’t even know what bluray is, and I think eventually they might figure out that coming summer 1995 means it’s been out longer than they’ve been alive…

However, I have blessed them with Fraggle Rock, School House Rock (because they both ROCK), Carebears, Ninja Turtles, Dinosaurs, The Elephant Show, Veggie Tales, and Shel Silverstein. I’m sure there’s a lot more. I’m a vintage kid or something like that.

Prolly something.

May The Force Be With You,




Skinamarinky Dinky Dink