There Are Two Types of People: I’m The Annoying One



Oh, Christmas. I love you, and you exhaust me. Whatever made me think getting married three days before Christmas was a great idea…I don’t know. Maybe it was Magic Mommy Juice.

There are some people that bah-humbug the holiday, and that’s fine. Just don’t rain on my Adoration Day Parade. They had a Light Up ceremony that was akin to the Charlie Brown Christmas tree in terms of celebration on this side of the pond. I miss driving through the lights with the kids. Sometimes three times in a row. Nothing beats Silver Dollar City at Christmastime. Is it any wonder that I love Christmas? I did personalized Christmas ornaments as my profession for three seasons and worked at a year round Christmas shop. It’s really no wonder that my Instagram is filled with holiday decorations. Tis the season.

It also means sending twenty Christmas cards, half a dozen packages, and ten shoe boxes.  The shoe boxes sounds like a lot, but I wish I could have done ten times that number. I wish I could volunteer at soup kitchens and read to kids in the hospital. I am only one person, though.

I grew up in a small Baptist church environment. Some years when I thought I wouldn’t have much of a holiday at all, they showed me the true meaning of Christmas.

Now I try to give back as much as I can, and it often leaves me drained. It’s why I can’t shop the month of December. I reserve that time for baking. Nearly 20 loaves of banana bread for the school faculty and friends/neighbors…banana bread again? Yes, I am actually being lazy. I don’t want to bake 20 dozen cookies. I also have to make four dozen cupcakes for the school bake sale this year. I don’t even wanna think of Christmas Eve dinner or my son’s birthday twelve days after Christmas. A Grinch could not do it. Would not do it. That’s okay.

Because I was a crazy woman that got married seven years ago, three days before Christmas. That is a day that I try to silence the holidays. Christmas, Hanukkah, Eid…Kwanza, whatever that may be (if you know without Wikipedia, feel free to try and find the comment button–I think this stupid layout put it at the top of the post)…that’s the day I focus on my husband. Sure, he gets other days. Valentine’s, His Birthday, and Father’s Day…but I married a Grinch. His favorite Christmas movie is Die Hard. He is all bah humbug until he opens his gifts on Christmas morning. Kinda like my dad.

He needs that couple of days before Christmas to keep his head from exploding.

I think we both do.

But especially him. I mean, he married me.


This year I am planning our anniversary festivities. I can barely keep the awesome secrets inside. It’s going to be epic. I’ll have to blog about it in a couple of weeks, or I will surely explode! Let’s just say. I might be the annoying type of person, but sometimes there is a fine line between annoying and awesome.


Love and Maple Syrup,





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