My Bucket Book List

Love or Obsession?

I’m not like some sad old man that reads the last chapter of every book that he’s ever begun, because I might die before I finish it.

In fact, I’d be more concerned if I was a man, old or otherwise.

My problem is that I start a book, get a few chapters in, and I start another book. Sometimes I’ll even go back to books I’ve read before. Perhaps I’m a book hoarder. I’ve cut out the romance novels, though, by the dozens. Possibly hundreds. To just the classics. Gone With the Wind, Love In the Time of Cholera, Jane Erye, and maybe just a couple more if you don’t count any Shakespeare at all…

As much as I love it, I can’t read The Bell Jar again until I’ve made a dent in my book shelf. To say I love it is an understatement. I checked it out every two weeks the entire school year my sophomore year of high school. True story. It’s how I became School Mascot. The school librarian loved me.

I’m currently between 1984 by George Orwell (and I want to re-read Animal Farm, because I bought another copy the other day), Hell’s Angels (and Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas) by Hunter S. Thompson. I also forgot that I was half way through a book about Marie Antoinette by Victoria Holt called Queen’s Confession, and I mean, I haven’t even gotten to the rioting or wanting to chop her head off parts.

Once upon a time I wanted to read The Grapes of Wrath, but all the swearing on the first couple of pages made me kick it to the curb. Don’t get me wrong. I swear, but I hate when people use God’s name in vain. It’s like finger nails on a chalk board. I don’t judge people for swearing, but I can’t stand hearing that, let alone reading it in my few and far between moments of free time.

I love to read. I read the entire Narnia series at work at an ice cream stand from ten to noon every day for like a month. I have an awesome edition that is all seven of the books bound into one big ass book.

This is why I can’t be a comic book geek. I barely have time for chapter books. Someday I will read you, Murder On The Orient Express, but for now I write a blergh about reading books…yeah, now that I have my glasses (and my geek on), I should probably pick up a book. My goal should be to finish one of the half dozen books I’ve already started, but I feel like starting a new one…I know. I’m terrible, but there are probably at least a hundred books that I want to read before I die. Tons of movies that I refuse to watch, because I haven’t read the book first. The only except to that rule is Harry Potter. I don’t know why, but I really don’t have a desire to read the books.

*Cue Potter fanatics stoning me to death or beating me with wooden sticks while wearing their bath robes.*

I know we’ve all got a little nerd in us, and while I go read some of Fear and Loathing…(because after all this hullabaloo about finishing a book, I might as well do it).

I want to know, because obviously you have the ability and possibly the desire to read, since you suffered through this lame ass blergh thus far…

What book would you like to read before you die?

You just have to pick one.

I have boxes of them.

Literary Love,




5 Comments on “My Bucket Book List”

  1. Jeyna Grace says:

    I dont really fancy the narnia books but i’m in love with the potter ones. And i prefer the books better cause the films dont capture the personalities well enough. But.. I like watching the narnia films, they are awesome! So i guess we are opposites. LOL

    • elleohelle says:

      I’m not saying that I would never read the Harry Potter books, but I have two kids that just started primary school the last couple of years, and my free times is limited. I admire J.K. Rowling, because she was a single mom on benefits, and within a year ended up having a best selling novel.

      If you like books that go into further detail. Try reading the Narnia series. There’s much more to the story than the movies relate.
      Thanks for the comment!

  2. If I had to pick just one? War and Peace by Leo Tolstoy. One day I will get around to finishing it!

    I adore the Bell Jar too, and wrote about it in my latest post. I’m interested to read more of your stuff!

    Louise 🙂

  3. elleohelle says:

    War and Peace…that book makes me groan. I’m sure it’s great, probably an amazing read, but it could be used as a murder weapon. It’s so big…so long. Then again, I haven’t read the first two chapters.

    I always give a book two chapters before I call it complete crap. Sometimes I even find myself reading a book that I really don’t like, because I think it unfair not to finish it. Do I think books have feelings? No, but authors do.

    Thanks for the comment!

  4. addy says:

    Good post!

    I hope to read the Steve Jobs Biography some day. I know it’s not quite fiction, but I imagine he had some interesting insights into how and why people found his products useful.

    You might also enjoy, which lets you create collections of the books you’re reading and want to read and find out what some of your friends are checking out. You can also discuss books with people who are into the same genres or titles so it’s like a little community almost.

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