American Idols Lost and Found

Two of my favorite Idols were Andrew Garcia and Katie Stevens. (Not to mention Anoop Desai, but that’s a different crazed fan post)

Occasionally I like to stalk them on youtube and see what they’re up to. I subscribe to Andrew Garcia, and if you love covers like I do, you should check him out. If you’re not in the mood for music, and you’re more in the mood for funny, then I say you must watch Shane Dawson or the epitome of nerdom The Guild. These two channels are an acquired tastes. Like sardines or brussels sprouts. I think both are delicious, but together? I don’t know…that could be AWESOMESAUCE!

Or not.

I’ll get back to you on that one.

At any rate, when people leave American Idol you have to wonder what they’re up to, where did they go? Ect, ect. I mean, if they leave Big Brother obviously they’re going to have their own drug ring and if they’ve just been voted off the island, then they become a Survivor in the real world by not paying their taxes.

If you live in the Midwest and were voted off American Idol, then you end up in a Branson show or at a singing diner.

However, if they are persistent, sometimes these ex-Idols make it, even if it’s only on youtube.

Without further ado,

Andrew Garcia and Katie Stevens covering Skyscraper.


That was super spesh.

So, QOTN, which I most often ask myself, since the rest of the world is silent…

What reality show do you think you could survive?

I’d love to be on Big Brother. It’s the one thing that I could do. Mostly because I hate camping, I can’t sing or dance very well, and I can’t cook, and although racing around the world would be fun, the first time I had to eat something gross or jump out of a plane, I’d be outtie.

Love and Brussels Sprouts,





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