It’s The End of the (Social Networking) World As We Know It…

And I feel fine!

Seriously…what would people do without facebook? It’s now the new myspace.

My____ …whaaa?

A group of “Anonymous” people have gone all Bald Knobbers on their asses for selling our information to random governments all around the world. Really? Okay…

So, I can’t delete my facebook. They own me. I cannot hide.

This sounds like something my best friend, Ace would put together.

I’ll let you listen to it and tell me what you think about it?

Doesn’t that remind you of some of the Lost propaganda they had on in its earlier seasons?

I’m interested to see what will happen.

So, on a completely different topic…

What’s your favorite candy bar? I’m a Bart Simpson. Butterfinger, baby.

I know. That was random.

But where can you go after facebook conspiracy theories? It’s either 2012 predictions or candy. I went with my sweet tooth.

Love, Poprocks, and Coke…




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