Tonight, I Gotta Dance.

We just stand in a circle around our shoes and our pocketbooks and lets just dance. And if guys come near us, we’ll taser them.

I love old Dane Cook.
New Dane Cook is eh.


I really wanted to post two of my current favorite musically dancey type videos.

This guy apparently has some awesome hand work too.

It’s not that this guy does sort of look like a creeper, although, I’m sure he has 12 kids of his own…

I love the rubber legs!!!!

That one gives me a tickle.

But this one ROCKS MY FACE.

Thank you and We Love You to our Marines and all our men and women in uniform.

The best thing about that last video, though, to be honest? Britney! And she’s not crazy. Maybe she’ll put out a new, good smelling perfume. I sometimes wear Fantasy, and I refer to it as “Britney, Before She Shaved Her Head.”

Big Ups to her for getting the crazy out.

But a standing O to these guys for making some amazing videos. Maybe even some rubber legs and jazz hands.

So, what song do you absolutely have to dance to no matter where you are?

I’m not even a huge fan of this song, but every time I hear the Car Wash I start doing our choreographed dance to it from work. Even in my car. Well, obviously not the whole thing, but I do yell “Work It” and the “Yeah, Yeah, Yeahs”


What’s your fav groove tune?

Peace and Jazz Hands,




2 Comments on “Tonight, I Gotta Dance.”

  1. Meredith says:

    lol. Hilarious. walkin on sunshine is probably the one i cant help but dance to

    You have choreographed dances where you work? That has to be a blast

  2. elleohelle says:

    Yeah, it’s not always as much fun as it sounds when it gets busy. Some servers sing. We dance…and not well. After I year, I still don’t know the dance to Love Shack. Fake it til you make it, I always say. Thanks for the comment. xoxo

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