You Are What You Eat?!

I guess I’m a little more crab and chicken than I am cow or pig.

Maybe a little fishy.

Occasionally a shrimp.

I like the natural things in life. It’s hard to go wrong in the produce department or at the butcher’s counter. You’re seeing your ingredients for the most part. I mean, if it walks like a duck…or rather, did at one point…

Anyway, you get the picture.

My point is that I’m wary of things that have colors not found in nature. Yes, most dyes are synthetic now, which should scare me even more I suppose (did you hear the rumor that red dye gives you cancer? So, does smoking, but that hasn’t stopped me in ten years. Although, it prolly should). MY POINT IS, some natural dyes make me more wary than the synthetic ones. Some people just don’t realize what is in their food (and I won’t get started on the dyes or ingredients used in makeup, which is equally as concerning, not to mention time consuming), but when it doesn’t contain that synthetic carcinogen, what does it contain?

What can naturally make food red?

Well, let me first say that I’m not bothered by what can naturally make my food red at some stances, paprika or beets, and that’s fine, I use paprika a crap load, and I could learn to love beats. Turmeric and Saffron are other natural food dyes, and I don’t even cringe at my cheesy poofs possibly having algae in them.

No, what makes me shudder like no other is what they use for a natural red dye. It’s called “Cochineal”. It’s a fancy name for bug juice. It’s crushed up beetles. Usually females.

Female Dye Bugs

Female Insects In Your Food!

I know, why do women always get the axe? C’est la vie.

But mostly, I hate how the FDA regulates these things, and requires the manufacturer, because, lets face it, they’re not all farmers, butchers, and bakers…to put these long, crazy sciencey sounding words on the label under ingredients. And do you know what? Not just Americans, but I find it hard to believe that the average person, globally can understand most of these terms.

My point is that it might not stop me from eating that entire bag of synthetic Skittles (oh, but I will look twice at my jello and pasteries), but if you don’t know what you’re eating, and you’re curious. You can always use google. If you can read this insignificant blog, then obviously you have access to google. Type it in. Cochineal is actually the “plain English” for this buggy dye. . Not even the “I’m A Nerd And Speak Latin” term for it. You’d probably be looking for carminic acid.

Now, it’s not just food dyes. Don’t get me started on preservatives, or we’ll be here all day. You can just read this amazing article by Dr. Joseph Mercola. It will open your eyes to the horrors of fast food. At least McDonald’s nuggets. Which was enough for me not to want to eat there, but let me put it this way. If you can sit your food out on a shelf for more than a decade, and it doesn’t age, you have to wonder what kind of effing preservatives are in there?! (And where can I get some for my face?! just jokes.) Will it sit in your stomach and never age or go anywhere? If so, no wonder why Americans are so fat. I feel like anything that might contain Plaster of Paris, should definitely be more controlled by the FDA, sorry.

Anyway, I promise to have a happier, more uplifting blog later. It’s just that it’s rained here for nearly a week, my place of employment is currently swimming with the fishes, and I woke up in the middle of the night for my own special rant. I might even promise a more uplifting blog post in just a moment.

But what is the question of the blog/day? Okay, what is the grossest thing you’ve knowingly eaten?

Some people might say it’s when I ate the foot of a teletubby, but I’m going with the time I ate a hotdog that fell in the dirt…I used to eat anything on a dare. USED to.

I don’t want you getting any crazy ideas…I’ve left you with enough of those for tonight.

Peace, Love, and Bugs,


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