Holy Crap, Batman!!

Or should I say Captain…


Okay. End cheese.

This is a video clip of a Pacific Sun Cruise Liner off the coast of New Zealand that hits some pretty rough waters back in July. This is seriously no joke-

Okay, that’s a semi lie, because you can make just about anything a joke…

Especially since no one, that I know of was actually injured or killed. Which is a total miracle considering some of the shizz being thrown around this boat…is that a piano?

Double you tea eff…

Videos like this make me wonder about the apocalypse- is it upon us? Will the world really end 12-12-12??? Oh, jeez. Sometimes I think we let all these notions about natural disasters get into our heads and let us all freak out. We do it every ten years. To be honest, I’m surprised the human race has made it this long.

So, what I want to know is…have you survived a disaster? Natural or otherwise?




2 Comments on “Holy Crap, Batman!!”

  1. Louise says:

    holy shit. that’s both awesome n pretty terrifying too. would hate to be them!

  2. elleohelle says:

    I sort of feel their pain right now. It’s been raining for almost a week, and my work is now currently flooded. Okay, so it’s not the same as being tossed around a cruise ship, but it still sucks.

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