z0migah! SHE’S ALIVE!!!


I did have a pretty bad car crash in November. I survived. My car …not so lucky.

I went to England in December to see my husband. Jolly good times. It smelled a bit like curry and not as many people spoke English as you’d assume would, you know, being the birthplace of the English language and all.


I got to see my husband, and I saw Wicked on the West End, so it was a fabulous trip all in all.

I didn’t get to eat a crumpet or meet the Queen, though…

Next time, perhaps.

A couple holidays have come and gone. I became an Aunt, and I celebrated a birthday, but I think in a couple of years when I hit 29, I’m just going to stay there. Like Fran on the Nanny (loves that show!). Eventually not even the FBI will know my real age.

Am I boring you yet?

I’m boring the crap out of myself.

But I found this amusing.



This is one of those rants that I would usually have with myself. If you knew of me in what some might call “real” life (psh. like I have a life), then you would know that I often talk to myself. I sometimes find better company that way.  However, it’s not just in a one sided conversation either. Sometimes I argue with myself.  Do I have an imaginary friend? No, but that would be awesome. Just sayin’.

At any rate, people have no idea how long I look for videos for my blog. Hours sometimes. Watching Wal Mart pranks, how to get thrown out of Wal mart. I don’t know how I originally started with prank calls…or was it puppies kissing monkeys? No…that’s right. Emo Kid Babysitter. Anywho, I LOVE this video. Not because it’s a prank, but because of the message that he broadcast to what could easily be over a hundred people. Think of what he could accomplish by calling a national news network during one of those “call-in” segments that they do. Bwha!

But WalMart and insider terrorism just got pwned, and that would make me laugh. My best friend, Ace, would probably high five me for that video (figuratively, of course, since he lives like six states west of me), but I don’t necessarily believe 9/11 was an inside job, I just think it’s funny that I could get him to watch a video filmed in WalMart (aka his own personal version of hell).

What do you think? Was 9/11 an inside job? Do you even care?

Yeesh. What’s wrong with the world today?

Not to sound like a complete and total nerd, but one of my favorite sites is cnn.com. I like to stay in touch with the world today, but I haven’t read up on anything in what seems like months. For example, I wasn’t aware of bombings in the middle east, nuclear waste in Japan, or that our government was going on strike…until what seems like the last minute. Doesn’t surprise me, though. I’m usually the last to know. I feel like those teenage kids I always shake my finger at when they can’t name the Vice President.

It’s still Gore, right?



PS- Do you really think I’d leave asking a lame question about 9/11 coverups? Puh-lease. What I really want to know is what is the best prank you’ve ever pulled?





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