Children of the Corn

Funny, that’s what my mom used to call us, or what I used to call my little brothers.

I miss old horror flicks.

Now we have Paranormal State and The Ring.


However, scary movies ain’t got nothin’ on this blog.

This is actually about some cute kids who use the force or one form or another.

The first, a Star Wars classic gone cute and kiddie for a VW commerical that I hope you’ve all seen.

Okay, now this one I just found a couple of days ago, but I’m usually pretty lazy, as I’m sure you’re aware of when it comes to adding new videos. No matter how rockin’ awesome they might be. I’m a mother of two with little to no sleep.

Anywho, this one goes out to all the comic book geeks out there who now have kids they want to join the nerd herd some day.


Would’ve been cool if they put some sort of Boondock Saints twist on it, and he blew up the dog.

I’m just sayin’…

So, what I’m gonna ask, because like I could leave y’all without asking something…

What would you/have you pass on to your kids from your childhood?

My kids, but especially my son are very into VHS. They don’t even know what bluray is, and I think eventually they might figure out that coming summer 1995 means it’s been out longer than they’ve been alive…

However, I have blessed them with Fraggle Rock, School House Rock (because they both ROCK), Carebears, Ninja Turtles, Dinosaurs, The Elephant Show, Veggie Tales, and Shel Silverstein. I’m sure there’s a lot more. I’m a vintage kid or something like that.

Prolly something.

May The Force Be With You,




Skinamarinky Dinky Dink


Tonight, I Gotta Dance.

We just stand in a circle around our shoes and our pocketbooks and lets just dance. And if guys come near us, we’ll taser them.

I love old Dane Cook.
New Dane Cook is eh.


I really wanted to post two of my current favorite musically dancey type videos.

This guy apparently has some awesome hand work too.

It’s not that this guy does sort of look like a creeper, although, I’m sure he has 12 kids of his own…

I love the rubber legs!!!!

That one gives me a tickle.

But this one ROCKS MY FACE.

Thank you and We Love You to our Marines and all our men and women in uniform.

The best thing about that last video, though, to be honest? Britney! And she’s not crazy. Maybe she’ll put out a new, good smelling perfume. I sometimes wear Fantasy, and I refer to it as “Britney, Before She Shaved Her Head.”

Big Ups to her for getting the crazy out.

But a standing O to these guys for making some amazing videos. Maybe even some rubber legs and jazz hands.

So, what song do you absolutely have to dance to no matter where you are?

I’m not even a huge fan of this song, but every time I hear the Car Wash I start doing our choreographed dance to it from work. Even in my car. Well, obviously not the whole thing, but I do yell “Work It” and the “Yeah, Yeah, Yeahs”


What’s your fav groove tune?

Peace and Jazz Hands,



Geekin’ the Gaga

This one goes out to all the nerds, but mostly my husband, because he understands java script, and it’s all Greek to me.

However, you don’t have to read Java Script to think this video is hehehaha.

I just know I’m going to hear “I soooo saw that last year,” but whatev’s.

It’s eight a.m., and I last posted at like three thirty, you do the math. This girl is taking a two hour nap and keeping it short and sweet for once.

Before I go, let me ask, what is your favorite nerdy pleasure?

Mine is old school computer games. Oregon Trail, Where in the World/U.S. is Carmen San Diego?, and Caesar II. Don’t even get me started on my Sega Genesis collection…

Kickin’ it Old School,

You Are What You Eat?!

I guess I’m a little more crab and chicken than I am cow or pig.

Maybe a little fishy.

Occasionally a shrimp.

I like the natural things in life. It’s hard to go wrong in the produce department or at the butcher’s counter. You’re seeing your ingredients for the most part. I mean, if it walks like a duck…or rather, did at one point…

Anyway, you get the picture.

My point is that I’m wary of things that have colors not found in nature. Yes, most dyes are synthetic now, which should scare me even more I suppose (did you hear the rumor that red dye gives you cancer? So, does smoking, but that hasn’t stopped me in ten years. Although, it prolly should). MY POINT IS, some natural dyes make me more wary than the synthetic ones. Some people just don’t realize what is in their food (and I won’t get started on the dyes or ingredients used in makeup, which is equally as concerning, not to mention time consuming), but when it doesn’t contain that synthetic carcinogen, what does it contain?

What can naturally make food red?

Well, let me first say that I’m not bothered by what can naturally make my food red at some stances, paprika or beets, and that’s fine, I use paprika a crap load, and I could learn to love beats. Turmeric and Saffron are other natural food dyes, and I don’t even cringe at my cheesy poofs possibly having algae in them.

No, what makes me shudder like no other is what they use for a natural red dye. It’s called “Cochineal”. It’s a fancy name for bug juice. It’s crushed up beetles. Usually females.

Female Dye Bugs

Female Insects In Your Food!

I know, why do women always get the axe? C’est la vie.

But mostly, I hate how the FDA regulates these things, and requires the manufacturer, because, lets face it, they’re not all farmers, butchers, and bakers…to put these long, crazy sciencey sounding words on the label under ingredients. And do you know what? Not just Americans, but I find it hard to believe that the average person, globally can understand most of these terms.

My point is that it might not stop me from eating that entire bag of synthetic Skittles (oh, but I will look twice at my jello and pasteries), but if you don’t know what you’re eating, and you’re curious. You can always use google. If you can read this insignificant blog, then obviously you have access to google. Type it in. Cochineal is actually the “plain English” for this buggy dye. . Not even the “I’m A Nerd And Speak Latin” term for it. You’d probably be looking for carminic acid.

Now, it’s not just food dyes. Don’t get me started on preservatives, or we’ll be here all day. You can just read this amazing article by Dr. Joseph Mercola. It will open your eyes to the horrors of fast food. At least McDonald’s nuggets. Which was enough for me not to want to eat there, but let me put it this way. If you can sit your food out on a shelf for more than a decade, and it doesn’t age, you have to wonder what kind of effing preservatives are in there?! (And where can I get some for my face?! just jokes.) Will it sit in your stomach and never age or go anywhere? If so, no wonder why Americans are so fat. I feel like anything that might contain Plaster of Paris, should definitely be more controlled by the FDA, sorry.

Anyway, I promise to have a happier, more uplifting blog later. It’s just that it’s rained here for nearly a week, my place of employment is currently swimming with the fishes, and I woke up in the middle of the night for my own special rant. I might even promise a more uplifting blog post in just a moment.

But what is the question of the blog/day? Okay, what is the grossest thing you’ve knowingly eaten?

Some people might say it’s when I ate the foot of a teletubby, but I’m going with the time I ate a hotdog that fell in the dirt…I used to eat anything on a dare. USED to.

I don’t want you getting any crazy ideas…I’ve left you with enough of those for tonight.

Peace, Love, and Bugs,

Holy Crap, Batman!!

Or should I say Captain…


Okay. End cheese.

This is a video clip of a Pacific Sun Cruise Liner off the coast of New Zealand that hits some pretty rough waters back in July. This is seriously no joke-

Okay, that’s a semi lie, because you can make just about anything a joke…

Especially since no one, that I know of was actually injured or killed. Which is a total miracle considering some of the shizz being thrown around this boat…is that a piano?

Double you tea eff…

Videos like this make me wonder about the apocalypse- is it upon us? Will the world really end 12-12-12??? Oh, jeez. Sometimes I think we let all these notions about natural disasters get into our heads and let us all freak out. We do it every ten years. To be honest, I’m surprised the human race has made it this long.

So, what I want to know is…have you survived a disaster? Natural or otherwise?



z0migah! SHE’S ALIVE!!!


I did have a pretty bad car crash in November. I survived. My car …not so lucky.

I went to England in December to see my husband. Jolly good times. It smelled a bit like curry and not as many people spoke English as you’d assume would, you know, being the birthplace of the English language and all.


I got to see my husband, and I saw Wicked on the West End, so it was a fabulous trip all in all.

I didn’t get to eat a crumpet or meet the Queen, though…

Next time, perhaps.

A couple holidays have come and gone. I became an Aunt, and I celebrated a birthday, but I think in a couple of years when I hit 29, I’m just going to stay there. Like Fran on the Nanny (loves that show!). Eventually not even the FBI will know my real age.

Am I boring you yet?

I’m boring the crap out of myself.

But I found this amusing.



This is one of those rants that I would usually have with myself. If you knew of me in what some might call “real” life (psh. like I have a life), then you would know that I often talk to myself. I sometimes find better company that way.  However, it’s not just in a one sided conversation either. Sometimes I argue with myself.  Do I have an imaginary friend? No, but that would be awesome. Just sayin’.

At any rate, people have no idea how long I look for videos for my blog. Hours sometimes. Watching Wal Mart pranks, how to get thrown out of Wal mart. I don’t know how I originally started with prank calls…or was it puppies kissing monkeys? No…that’s right. Emo Kid Babysitter. Anywho, I LOVE this video. Not because it’s a prank, but because of the message that he broadcast to what could easily be over a hundred people. Think of what he could accomplish by calling a national news network during one of those “call-in” segments that they do. Bwha!

But WalMart and insider terrorism just got pwned, and that would make me laugh. My best friend, Ace, would probably high five me for that video (figuratively, of course, since he lives like six states west of me), but I don’t necessarily believe 9/11 was an inside job, I just think it’s funny that I could get him to watch a video filmed in WalMart (aka his own personal version of hell).

What do you think? Was 9/11 an inside job? Do you even care?

Yeesh. What’s wrong with the world today?

Not to sound like a complete and total nerd, but one of my favorite sites is I like to stay in touch with the world today, but I haven’t read up on anything in what seems like months. For example, I wasn’t aware of bombings in the middle east, nuclear waste in Japan, or that our government was going on strike…until what seems like the last minute. Doesn’t surprise me, though. I’m usually the last to know. I feel like those teenage kids I always shake my finger at when they can’t name the Vice President.

It’s still Gore, right?



PS- Do you really think I’d leave asking a lame question about 9/11 coverups? Puh-lease. What I really want to know is what is the best prank you’ve ever pulled?