Happy Halloweenie to the Old Skoolers!

Hello, boys and ghouls.

It’s been a long time for me to post a blergh. My personal life is kind of crazy right now, but I’d like to push that aside to remember happier times.

When I was a little girl, I loved Donald Duck, because whenever I was scared- when I first got my ears pierced, when I had to sit on Santa’s lap…my Daddy would do his best Donald Duck impersonation. He passed away a long time ago, but sometimes it feels like only yesterday, so it’s nice to have the memories that I do.

So, in honor of my Daddy and of Halloweenie, and the great and powaful Donald, I’ve decided to take a post away from my usual viral shenanigans and pay a little tribute…(don’t worry I’ll be back with more dancing prostitute dogs and such later).


For all the old skoolers that remember seeing this when there was still a Mickey Mouse Club…



This gave me the smile I’ve needed for days. Hope it brightens your day…

It wouldn’t be my blergh if I hadn’t asked a pointless question to my stalkers…

What was your best Halloween costume? For three years in a row I was Cherry Mary Muffin, because three different people bought my costume and took me trick or treating. My mom, my grandmother, and my aunt. I hate cherry muffins. So, I want to hear about some rockin’ awesome costumes.

Have a ghoul night!