World’s Best Movie Clip…Ever.

Okay, everyone knows I love the brownies. I mean, I married one, afterall.

A girl looking like me isn’t born with the name Osmani. That’s like if my last name was Chang or Ono, you would obviously question how that came to be.

Or assume that I belonged to the milk man.

At any rate, this video was titled “Very very hilarious”…how could you not watch something like that?

So, here’s the run down. It’s a Bollywood movie. I have no idea what they’re saying, but the bad guy’s evil minions are about to jack up the hero with a heliopter until his side comes in the most action packed sequence ever, and if you roll your eyes at it, then you won’t be alone. I did too, but the ending is so hilarious that I snorkled.

What is your favorite cheesy movie? Mine’s got to be Total Recall.

Screw the Terminator.

That’s right.

I said it.

Blergh, Terminator. If you want to see an awesome Governator movie, watch Total Recall or Kindergarten Cop.




2 Comments on “World’s Best Movie Clip…Ever.”

  1. Emily says:


    probably the princess bride. that movie is lolz with the cheese.

    total recall was a good laugh too tho.

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