So, I haven’t posted a blog in what seems like months.

I must apologize. I was lost in the wilderness for 13 months, being chased by radioactive bobcats.

I shall call him Simba

Yeah…that excuse didn’t work so well for Hunter S. Thompson either, but it made it into the forward to Screwjack.

I thought, what better way to start off a new blog, (or one that has been gutted and purged)  than with Stupid Pet Tricks. Or is it Stupid Human Tricks?

Because I’ll tell you, when I saw this video I thought to myself, I bet this guy is really lonely…He’s got an unnatural relationship with that pooch…why couldn’t he have taught her to do the Hokey Pokey, why such a “handsy” dance?

That poor dog…

She’s dressed like such a slut.

It’s already bad enough she’s a bitch…

Yeah, that last one was pretty cheesy, even for me.

Anyway…what is this blog about? I don’t know, you tell me. It’s about being away from Myspace. ¬†About not censoring myself. About sticking it to the man! YEAH! It’s about…

…about dancing dogs?


Why not?!

I never get any comments anyway, so what does it matter?

I ask you, outerspace, what should this “new” (demolished and revamped) blog really be about?

Other than talking to myself and “thinking outloud”. Yeah…right. Notice the quotes? Like I would ever “think”…okay, now I’m air quoting myself, and I should really just be saying bye…